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With 15 years of performing as an alternative rock band throughout New England, Pridefalls have crafted a formula uniquely their own.  The band is known for delivering an explosive energy on stage and in recording sessions.  Seeing and hearing the band in person provides opportunities to get transfixed on engaging vocal harmonies and masterful musicianship.

Featuring a unique combination of two charismatic front-men,Tim Cullinan and John Veit, Pridefalls got its start in 2005 performing cover songs and fledgling originals in bars, clubs, and college venues throughout New England. In 2006, the band recorded a 5-track EP titled "Let's Go" which led to nominations as the area's "Best New Band" and "Best Rock Band" followed shortly after the success of the independently recorded and released EP.

In 2010, the band recording a full length album "Heat".  Recorded at The Rotary Records in Western Massachusetts, the album was highly regarded by the New England music scene and musical critics.  In the purest form, the band's songs from "Heat" began with a pen, paper and an acoustic guitar. The songs then developed and rose to the anthemic rock sound Pridefalls has become known for.  Veit (Vocals, Guitar) and Cullinan (Vocals, Guitar), are joined by fellow musicians Steve Becker (Guitar, Keys), Sean Croteau (Drums) and Paul Dionne (Bass).


The band's sound has been compared to OneRepublic, Kings of Leon, Mumford & Sons, Jimmy Hendrix, U2, Dave Matthews Band, Incubus, and Bruce Springsteen among others.

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